38 years of programming experience with 23 years of hands-on Enterprise Level Information Systems design and implementation experience, 15 years of international team lead experience, and 2 years of senior management experience. My life long devotion to technology, love of teaching, positivity, humility, and gregarious leadership experience brings a unique and valuable combination of skill sets to any organization.

I am in the process of completely rebuilding my site as a fun project, using VSCode, pure static UI layer using a TBD UI framework, and eventually i'll build out api/data layer. I have some mini-projects in mind that I want to expose as content on this site over time.

I'm building it from the ground up using Azure DevOps with full and proper CI/CD.

Its a lot of fun! You can visit my LinkedIn profile if you want to learn more about me, or you can download a PDF of the 2020 version of my resume.