Seeking: An executive level role that owns the strategic and tactical direction and execution of end to end agile project delivery with a focus on optimizing quality of delivery and mentoring a team of product owners.

I am a life long hands-on technologist with global team lead, program management, senior management, M&A and P&L accountability experience.

My life long devotion to technology, love of teaching, positivity, humility, and gregarious leadership experience brings a unique and valuable combination of skill sets to any organization.

I had the intent of rebuilding my site as a fun project, using VSCode, pure static UI layer using a TBD UI framework, and eventually an api/data layer of some sort.

But life has its priorities. I have been focused on my program management and overall agile delivery skillset, running and tracking multiple projects simultanously across various verticals in my life.

I find immense joy and satisfaction in guiding large cross-functional efforts in organizations and being the connector between them to help the team bring their ideas to market as efficiently as possible, backed by sound metrics that all the functions agree on.

You can visit my LinkedIn profile if you want to learn more about me, or you can download a PDF of the 2021 version of my resume.